The Clarity Studio specializes in the recording and production of vocal performances and music. It's an ideal facility for solo artists or small ensembles as well as for voiceover recordings and postproduction. The studio features a 24-track 24/96 recording system, eight high-end analogue recording channels employing both tube and transistor technology and a stunning array of high-end outboard FX and processing gear. Our exquisite collection of musical instruments includes percussion instruments and idiophones from all over the world, keyboard instruments, electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars (fretless and five-string) as well as exotic string instruments such as a Persian santur, a Turkish saz and two monochords.

Overdubbing is no problem at all. To whatever extent. Also, in resuming their recording after any sort of lapse or glitch, the artist will be provided with a visual cue indicating their starting point and they can then easily carry on from there. In addition to recording acoustic instruments and vocals, we also have some top-notch electronics to work with: an extensive collection of high-standard MIDI-equipment — classic as well as cutting-edge — and lots of up-to-date VST plug-ins. Original music can also be provided but will be subject to artistic discretion and with special rates applying. Last but not least, we can offer top quality format conversions from and to tape/ vinyl/ mp3/ wav/ CD/ DAT/ MD etc.

Work in the studio will be based on a careful analysis of the respective requirements of each individual artist and customer — from the delicate task of choosing and positioning the microphones and the meticulous pre-amping, processing and recording of the source material through to all the editing, postproduction and mastering applications. In our view, when it comes to sound engineering, the focus should be on making the artist feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the recording and production process — which involves making technical issues "disappear" as far as humanly possible. We're striving to capture the performance at the most advanced level of high-tech quality while simultaneously trying to make the performer forget that they are in fact being recorded. We also consider the overall appearance of the control room and recording space, where most of the studio time is spent, to be a very important — yet often neglected — part of this process; in our studio you will not find a single piece of the notorious "pyramid foam" or the like, and the wooden floors and exotic decor provide a warmth and density of atmosphere that is rarely found in other professional recording studios. Moreover, as the facility is located in a rather large, painstakingly renovated and serenely quiet Berlin "Altbau" apartment, there is also the possibility, during breaks, of enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea in the spacious luxury kitchen or having a good read in one of the books from our beloved and well-stocked library.