In point of fact, the "Clarity" was never meant to be used as a commercial studio facility. It was built and designed for a single purpose: to record my own original music and enable me to do so under optimal conditions. Inspired by several visits to Brendan Perry's "Quivvy Church" studio — definitely the most beautiful and stimulating recording facility I've ever experienced — I came to realize that assembling my own studio would be the only appropriate way to further my creative vision, which incorporates razor-sharp audio quality as a means of musical expression and aims to achieve pristine clarity and an almost tangible sound dimension.

But as fate would have it, the ability of all this high-spec equipment to capture even the most subtle and delicate nuances of any given performance — be it music or spoken word — did not go entirely unnoticed, and so as a welcome byproduct I have been enjoying the benefits of some lively word-of-mouth. A few of my customers to date:

Ben Niran,  Büro-D,  Cornelsen Verlag Berlin,  William Tecumseh Sherman Fitch III, Melissa Holroyd,  Inflight Productions,  Institute For Advanced Study Berlin,  Cheryl Josher, Ali Keita, Oti Köhler,  David Kuckhermann,  Laila Lechleitner,  Andreas Mannkopff,  Kevin McAleer, Mona Mur, Teresa Payerle,  Phonokill,  Ravensburger Verlag,  Kenneth Spiteri  

As a sound engineer I have so far had the honor and pleasure of working with the likes of:

Adonis,  Artemis Quartett,  Cuarteto Casals,  Péter Esterházy,  Judit Frigyesi,   Roby Geerken, Scheherazade Qassim Hassan,  Toshio Hosokawa,  Imre Kertész,  Kuss-Quartett, Helmut Lachenmann,  Wolf Lepenies,  Walter Levin,   Stefan Litwin,  Peter Nádas,  Josef Tal, Linda Wallace,  Jörg Widmann,   Hans Zender